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Jason C. Tanny, Ph.D.

  • Principal investigator (2009-present).

  • Education:
    Postdoctoral fellow, Rockefeller University (2007),
    Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology, Harvard University (2003),

    M.Sc. in Molecular Biology, University of Toronto (1998),
    B.Sc. in Molecular Biology, University of Toronto (1995).


Viviane Pagé

  • Research associate (2009-present).

  • Education:
    M.Sc. in Microbiology and Infectiology, Université de Sherbrooke (2003),
    B.Sc. in Biology/Biotechnology, Université de Sherbrooke (2001).


Sarah MacKinnon

  • Ph.D. candidate (2016-present).

  • Education:
    B.Sc. in Pharmacology, McGill University (2016).

  • Working on new functions of the Spt5 CTD in S. pombe.


Jacob Blaney

  • Master's student, co-supervised with Dr. Terry Hébert (2021-present).

  • Education:
    B.Sc. in Pharmacology, McGill University (2021).

  • Working on the direct role of G-beta-gamma in transcriptional regulation.


Ashika Jain

  • Master's student, co-supervised with Dr. Terry Hébert (2021-present).

  • Education:
    M.S. in Pharmacology, University of Minnesota Twin Cities (2021),
    B. Pharm, Jamia Hamdard (2019).

  • Using DREADDs to probe GPCR signalling pathways involved in BRD4 activation.


Ali Shariat-Panahi

  • Ph.D. candidate (2022-present).

  • Education:
    M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Calgary (2022),
    B.Sc. in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Tehran (2017).

  • Working on the functions of the Spt5 CTD in transcriptional regulation.

Calvin Moy

  • Master's student (2023-present).

  • Education:
    B.Sc. in Biology, Concordia University (2023).

  • Working on histone modification-regulated multi-drug resistance in S. pombe.


Peiran Hou

  • Master's student (2023-present).

  • Education:
    B.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University (2023).

  • Working on the role of H2Bub1 in transcription elongation in S. pombe.

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students:

Dr. Jennifer Chen

Received her Ph.D. studying novel gene regulatory functions of the transcription elongation factor Rtf1. Now works as a life science strategy consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners (Boston).

Dr. Ryan Martin

Received his Ph.D. (joint with Dr. Terry Hébert) studying Cdk9, Brd4, and response to GPCR signaling pathways in cardiomyocytes. Now works for a Montreal-based start-up on AI and the microbiome.

Xinwen Zhu

Completed her M.Sc. (joint with Dr. Terry Hébert) in 2018 working on JQ1 effects in cancer cell lines. Now doing a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering at Boston University.

Daniel Pinto

Completed his M.Sc. in 2016 working on H2Bub1 and antisense transcription. Now working for a molecular diagnostics lab in Toronto.

Stephen Nagy

Completed his M.Sc. in 2012 characterizing the Cdk9-Rtf1 pathway in S. pombe. Now working in finance at RBC in Toronto.

Ariane Racine

Completed her M.Sc. in 2011 working on H2Bub1-H3K4me crosstalk, attended medical school at Université de Montréal.

Research staff:

Dr. Jean Mbogning

Undergraduate thesis students:

Maria El-Ghoubaira

SiCheng Chen

Jason Yu

Yujin Jang

Leen Bazzi

Diane Huminic

Dylan Stermer

Shelby Trager

Erica Zhu

Paulina Nguyen-Powanda

Dorsa Majdpour

Emily Schwenger

Jillian Burston

Haya Fernandez

Jonathan Leung

David Grabowski

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