Jason C. Tanny, PhD

Principal investigator (2009-present)

Education: BSc, University of Toronto (1995); MSc, University of Toronto (1998); PhD, Harvard University (2003); Postdoc, Rockefeller University (2007)


Jennifer Chen

PhD candidate (2016-present)

Education: BSc, McGill Pharmacology (2016)

Working on formation and function of

H2Bub1 in S. pombe

Sarah MacKinnon

PhD candidate (2016-present)

Education: BSc, McGill Pharmacology (2016)

Working on new functions of the Spt5

CTD in S. pombe

Lab Alumni

Grad Students:

Ryan Martin-just got his PhD (joint with Terry Hebert) studying Cdk9, Brd4, and response to GPCR signaling pathways in cardiomyocytes. Now works for a Montreal-based start-up on AI and the microbiome.

Xinwen Zhu-completed her MSc (joint with Terry Hebert) in 2018 working on JQ1 effects in cancer cell lines. Now doing a PhD in Biological Engineering at Boston University.

Daniel Pinto-completed his MSc in 2016 working on H2Bub1 and antisense transcription. Now working for a molecular diagnostics lab in Toronto.

Stephen Nagy-completed his MSc in 2012 characterizing the Cdk9-Rtf1 pathway in S. pombe. Now working in finance at RBC in Toronto.

Ariane Racine-completed her MSc in 2011 working on H2Bub1-H3K4me crosstalk, attended medical school at Universite de Montreal.

Research staff:

Dr. Jean Mbogning

Viviane Page, MSc

Undergraduate thesis students:

Erica Zhu

Dorsa Majdpour

Emily Schwenger

Jillian Burston

Haya Fernandez

Jonathan Leung

David Grabowski